Thursday, March 23, 2023
The Sun YTTC Rishikesh

Ambedkar Chowk, Rishikesh, Dehradun, Uttarakhand - 249201
Mr. Amrit Gupta
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Cash, Cheque, Credit Card, Debit Card, Paypal, Net Banking
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Monday: 9 AM To 9 PMTuesday: 9 AM To 9 PM
Wednesday: 9 AM To 9 PMThursday: 9 AM To 9 PM
Friday: 9 AM To 9 PMSaturday: 9 AM To 9 PM
Holidays: Sunday
Sun yttc Rishikesh yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is the perfect destination for those who want to learn systematic yoga and take their practice to the next level. For those who want to share the ancient wisdom of yoga we highly recommend attending a yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh. These yoga classes in Rishikesh cover a variety of yoga and meditation from the basic to the advanced aspect I teach easily and effectively; up to a degree Due to our focus on quality training special practice sessions are held to improve your teaching skills and personal practice at our yoga school. As one shot quickly slips into another. Other forms of yoga tend to go deeper with the hips further aligning the spine and also the mental attention note emphasis on matching your breath to your movement however your body wants to move gently. New forms of sun Yoga yttc, power sunyttc Yoga and Acro sunyttc Yoga are new trends and can be found at The sun Yoga Teacher Training Center Rishikesh. These yoga classes are aimed at teachers who aspire to be successful and not only become certified yoga teachers but also spread the wisdom of yoga around the world. Hundreds of yoga students from over 80 countries have graduated from our yoga institute in Rishikesh. Also an experienced and qualified yoga teacher. All yoga teachers have years of experience in yoga and are dedicated to providing authentic yoga classes to impart their passion for yoga to their participants. Our yoga teacher training course is designed primarily to help you gain a deeper understanding of yoga. learning and exercises in both theory and practice in an easy and systematic way it doesnt matter if you are a doctor or an aspiring yoga enthusiast. Dropping into the Beginner category provides an opportunity and a platform to deepen your understanding of yoga to the extent that you can share your wisdom as a yoga practitioner. others and teachers. Sol yttc Rishikesh offers affordable yoga teacher training courses in Rishikesh. Our roots are rooted in classical yoga classes taught by teachers. Our goal is to train true seekers in our internationally certified and affordable yoga training modules. In addition to professional yoga training we also run regular yoga seminars for students at lower prices. The entire program is supported by a sumptuous balanced and purely vegetarian meal during the course and prepared according to Ayurvedic principles. Please note that we do not serve vegan meals. However we try to accommodate the special dietary needs of our participants where possible. It is recommended that you go to bed early so that you can prepare. Our daily program balances the theoretical and practical aspects of yoga. Rishikesh has been a center of spiritual and religious activity since ancient times. Looking at history Rishikesh is also known as the gateway to the Himalayas. In the first age many gods appeared in this holy land. This is why that place is known as the place of the gods. Meanwhile Maharishi Mahesh Yogi the world leader in yoga was the Beatles and the inventor of the science of Transcendental Meditation. Rishikesh is among the top masters in the Himalayas and many others have shared this true wisdom of yoga in Rishikesh India. This is one reason why this country is the yoga capital of the world and the most suitable place for a yoga TTC / yoga teacher training course.

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